Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thou shalt use spell check.

I am here.

I have evolved again. I seem to forget that i have this annonmous page, to write my feeling into. Something is quite soothing about writing to no one, or to many, i care not.
Grandious costumes in gloriuos palaces inhibit my dreams. I was never royalty, just a pretty girl looking in. Nor poor, not rich. Not blue collar, not white collar either...but who is labeling whom now?
Do I dream too much? are these dreams silply dillunsions of things i cannot have. My core shudders when i think of anything less for myslef. My heart /feels/ for the ones who have less than i, my new fond /god-ly-ness/ compells me to do so. Yet, i want nothing to do with. Am I less of a good person because i choose who i am good to? Ya see the inner torment now???

I am now reflecting to one wise Buddist,(I cannot recall the name he was given) who once said, in all is wisdom......
"That one will find if he is kind to who is unkind to him, one will see kindness..."

BS>>>>I JUST MADE THAT UP. I have been ever so kind to those who really didn't desreve it, and it bit me in the small white ass(i shall not apologise never more for said petit buttocks) .

I shall confess, i am a fence sitter. I am a God fearing woman, but God does not scare me. I hate violence, but agree with it when it is deemed appropriate. I am am girly girly, a womans woman, and a tomboy. I love women,but cannot stand them. I understand men, but shake my head when they act the way they always will. I am an ardent traditionalist, but don't you dare tell me to go to the kitchen.
I am a hypocrte within myself, but expect the opposite in your morals.