Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I would love to share the things that have transpired over that past 48 hrs.
Some things cannot be spoken of.

here is is "rundown"

Our break up, was initialted by ValTinesDay. It was merely an excuse to get away from his Family.
My love for him is tremendously strong. I cannot take control, and be the "mama bear" that i am. 18 months of refrain.

A few weeks ago, when we retunred back from town, I KNEW someone had been in my home. This afternoon, i got conformation on that. His ex wife admitted that she, and her mother in law, had waited until we left and broken into our home.

Lesson number 567403. NEVER ignore your inner voice. NEVER

lesson number 567404 Act smartly, never irrationally.

I'm gonna write a book afta dis bullshite.

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