Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are not even a few day away from The Five Ring circus coming to town. The island i live on is alive. Vancover Island, Victoria. Our hidden gem in Canada. Those that were born here and stayed are few. Those that came when they were young,stayed and kept coming back.
The Olympics are across the water from us. One reserved ferry ride away. They can soak in the BcFerries overpriced crap that I`ve had to consume over the years. Poor sods.
The politics....fuck me. I haven`t registered as a voter in ten years now. I will this year, as it happens, i grew up with a gay fella that is now part of the Liberal Party of Canada. I`m not voting for him, but it inspired me to make my ~ahem~voice count. If he felt convicted enought to his cause, then why shouldn't I?

Pretty fucking deep huh? Maybe not for you, but it is to me. "Think globally,act "with in yourself?"........

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