Friday, February 19, 2010

Two crazy lives

SMASH! Bamboozle! (insert Old Scool Batman explixtives)KAAAAA Pow.

The past five days,have been like an episode of the Tudors. The only thing that is drastically different, is my take on the costumes. i enjoy debating if dreesed in period garb. I always thought thatr i could shuield myself from this. This type of woman, who hasn't any repsect for another. The woman who doesn;t love herself, shall not regocognize another womans pure power.

I'm not sure how to deal with another woman breaking inot my home. She waiting until we left, and i put up with this type of beavuior just so i ccan have life knwlege, just so ....I wanted to inflcit the same violation she brought on me. First was Lisa Lagagh, Second was That man that raped me, and finally Tasha Adby haslam.

Three on my hit list now. In the game of chess, a dirty move will always be punished in the end. In the 1890's. they used to lock up those who were constant harrassers. This womans admistted that she broke into my home, and i cannotg do ANYTHING about it.If you had an mental issue, ytou wre not allowed contact with your outsidide world, beacuse you just might break into someones home and try to terriorize some one. The law allows that. They have let it slide.

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