Sunday, February 14, 2010

March 15th
According to the morning crew of 99.3 The Fox(Vancouver), Valentines day is for the ladies. Some folk consider Valentines day a modern Hallmark holiday. based upon that, March 15th is hence forth “Steak and BJ day”.

My beau and i have been together for almost two yrs, off and on. We have been solid for six months now. Albeit, we are both broke ass humans rigth now.And we live one hour away from each other. I didn’t expect anything that included spending money today. We will see each other on Thursday, so all good.

HOWEVER…..I got a Valentines gift on farmville four days ago, today, nada. No nice email, no warmwarming phone call. I called him.

him; morning…small chat….oh Happy valentines day. call me later i guess.

me…oh is that today?(I’m playing it totally cool, after all it is just another day.he’s a great guy,he’s complicated, and i’m sticking by him while he goes through Family stuff, and our relationship is 99%good)

It’s been hours since i spoke with him. No email, nada. niltch zeeee

I was just thinking that today, of all days he would make an effort.

The day has not yet come to a close.

March 15th. Steak and BJ day. I get it. It speaks to the core of a man. wanna show a that you appreciate him? BBQ your man a fine steak dinner. Wear a pretty dress. Do the dishes and suck his cock.

Its give and take in a relationship. It will us anyway. I’m the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet. He allows me to be the woman I want to be, and I allow him to be the man he is. As manly as he is, he wants his toes painted black,with little skulls on the big toes.

C’mon baby, I cherish and honour your manhood. I show you often, today was the one day you had to honor me.

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