Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thou shall not....

I have been craving Coq au vin for ages now. The dampness of the season is felt deeply in my bones. I braved the blustery day, dashed for the grocery store. I had twenty six dollars cash. It was temping to bring the almost maxed out MasterCard. Sacrifices Miss.
Two chicken breast
fresh basil
white wine Mon Ami rascal 2008 Viognier. A steal at 11 bucks

Separate tenders and halve breasts.
Medium heat in sauce pan, brown in 1/4 butter.
coarse salt and pepper.
when perfectly browned add 1/4 wine.
pour yourself another glass.
simmer until wine is reduced.
turn down to min, place carrots.(quarted length wise 3 cm long)
remove, plate.
drizzle butter/wine gravy.

Tastes like the 100 dollar meal i couldn't afford last night.

I re read my entry from that night.
Wine is not condusive to proper grammar.
thou shall not write and this sorta like drunk dialing?

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